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Increase the productivity of your high value mobile assets 3% by answering two questions "Where are my mobile assets?" and "Are they ready for service?"  Wi-Tracker augments your existing planning systems with timely location and status information.  Increased utilization of your existing mobile assets reduces your need for additional capital investment.
Eliminate the cost and inconvenience of manually collecting asset operational data across your fleet.  Wi-DownloadER allows periodic and on-demand download.  Increase the speed and efficiency of incident investigations, operator evaluation and mobile asset certifications.  Wi-DownloadER augments your installed data recorders with wireless download capabilities.
Decrease your fleet's fuel costs by up to 10%.  Wi-FuelSaver will quickly get your newest operators on board with your fuel efficient operating practices.  Wi-FuelSaver's available email and web-based 'trip report cards' gets feedback to where it can have the most immediate impact on your bottom line.
Track the fuel levels and refuel history of your mobile assets with the Wi-FuelSensor.  Using this highly ruggedized fuel monitoring system, you can log and access fuel information at any time.
Fuel Efficiency Monitor
Interested in monitoring fuel consumption of your mobile assets? The Wi-Tronix Fuel Efficiency Monitoring system enables fuel consumption monitoring of all your vehicles accurately and in real-time.
Through our consulting services we provide you a unique combination of expertise in deployment of wireless solutions and integrated, on-board electronic systems.  We know first hand the importance of seamlessly integrating operational data into your business systems.  Wi-Tronix consulting services are a core component of our goal to help you 'cross the finish line.'
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